Primovert Inverted Microscopes

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  • 倒置显微镜labora常规或研究tories
  • Ideal for quick assessments and inspections of living cells. Typical applications include e.g. cancer and HIV research, human, animal and plant genetics and cell biology in general
  • Quality optics from Carl Zeiss
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Automatic light turn-off
  • Modular illumination: HAL or LEDs
  • Increased working distance, e.g. for roller-bottles
  • Robust and durable
  • 背面携带手柄
  • Objective-indicators for fast identification of magnification

PRIMOVERT HDCAM.PRIMOVERT your solution for image acquisition and documentation.

  • With no eyepieces and the camera already integrated into the stand there is no need for further adjustments and camera settings.
  • In combination with your iPad and the Imaging App Labscope you share, discuss and explain your observations with colleagues ? independent from the location of your microscope.
  • 从快速直播显示中获利?同样在WiFi上的多个iPad上。获取图像和视频,制作注释和文档?并轻松分享这些数据。

Primovert iLEDPrimovert iLED is perfectly suited to your daily work with cell cultures. You examine unstained cells in phase contrast as well as GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence contrast quickly and efficiently by just switching the contrasting technique directly at the stand.

All microscopes can be customised, please contact our Microscopy Specialist,Dr. Mark Perkins, to find your perfect configuration!

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    PRIMOVERT HDCAM., Integrated HD IP Camera (5MP)

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    PK701 491207-0003-000 Price:£5,312.00(Excluding VAT at 20%) 1


    PK702 491207-0004-000 Price:£5,609.00(Excluding VAT at 20%) 1


    Primovert iLED, Epi-Fluorescence 470nm

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    PK703 491207-0005-000. Price:£6,787.00(Excluding VAT at 20%) 1


    PK704 491207-0006-000 Price:£7,084.00(Excluding VAT at 20%) 1